Mary’s 10 Favorite Products for 2017

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Mary’s 10 Favorite Products for 2017

The ATA Trade Show just confirms how exciting it is to have a passion for Archery, Bowhunting, and ADVENTURE. 2017 was no exception! With the amazing 653 exhibitor companies, almost 240,000 square feet of brands and products, and over 1000+ buyers, ATA has had great success in bringing the entire archery and bowhunting industry together under one roof.
Here are my 10 Favorite Products for 2017…
Obsession Bows TURMOIL
Up to 350fps with OB’s NEW Hybrid DE Cams, draw lengths ranging from 25-30.5” in 1/2” interchangeable Mods, that retails at $699.00 puts this Bow in a whole new class. Recently helping Caleb Kerstetter win the Bowhunter Class at the 2017 Lancaster Archery Classic. This bow is high quality at a affordable price. “FUEL YOUR OBSESSION”
Lumenok HD Orange
The original creator of the lighted nock, Lumenok continues to lead in lighting our way to a successful recovery. Built on a LED platform its pretty clear the NEW HD is superior to any other standard nock. “Light Em Up”
Old Dominion Footwear – Realtree BONE COLLECTOR
Working with Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector to create a whole collection of hunting and Realtree Outfitters lifestyle boots and shoes. Old Dominion Footwear has continued to created some of the most comfortable footwear for the hunting enthusiast. Collaborating with brother Michael just makes it that much better, from the NEW Badlands available now to the BC Snake Boot coming Fall of 2017. Its very exciting to see whats next! “The Brotherhood“
Blending digital, 3D, and realistic patterns creating the most versatile camo pattern for all landscapes. Treezyn Camo was engineered with one purpose in mind, HUNTING. Water resistant, lightweight, great fit, with WhisperWear technology developed to make the most recognizable human form, DISAPPEAR! Just between us, wait till you see what coming!
AMS Bowfishing THE JUICE
Lightweight, offering a 15–50 pound draw weight and a easy adjust 17½”–30″ draw length, also available with 60-80% let off and at 291/4” axle to axle, this little bow packs a punch. Comes with NEW Dual Muck Buster™ Line Pullers on the limb bolts for quick, easy retrieval of arrows stuck in the weeds, mud or muck! Blazing bright orange accents and powder coated aluminum riser and exclusive features makes for a fun bow to shoot.
With the recent introduction to the new custom colors of Blazer Vanes. Bohning has decided to introduce True Color Wrap Vane Combo kits that give archers everything they need to add a little style to their arrows. Each combo pack includes 24 true color vanes, 12 white vanes and 12 of the matching true color wraps in standard size. Bohning Archerys continued commitment to innovate new products is second to no one in the archery industry. “Its In Our Vanes”
DUEL’s patented Dual Chamber Technology™ projects sound through two separate chambers. Which emulates the oral and nasal cavities of animals with perfect, robust, resonating sound. Duel Game Calls uses dual chamber technology to make the most realistic sounding calls available. “Get Real”
Outright Hunting Products MORPHPRO BOW HANGER SYSTEM
The Morph Pro bow hangers and accessory hooks make setup quick and simple. The patented Quick Connect Screws and quick detach design allows for easy installation. When screw mounts are pre-installed one hanger can be used in multiple stand locations.’s coolest product of ATA 2017, the MorphPro Bow Hanger system is the most versatile bow hanger on the market. “The Last BowHanger you’ll ever Buy”
We all know that fish odor is tough to remove when out Bowfishing. CSP’s Fish Be Gone lotion was created by fisherman to eliminate fishy smells. Scientifically tested Carbon Skin neutralizes odor formation on the skin’s surface using enzyme based scent eliminators. “Stops scent where it Starts”
Featuring a concealed pair of deployable blades Slash Arrows innovation is deadly. With a concentration on internal damage and penetration. A total 5 blade cutting surface of over 5” makes for huge wound channels. SLASH® INsetBlade® Arrows are factory tuned, you’ll be able to shoot them right out of the box. “Twice the Killing Power”
There are so many NEW and innovated products from companies focused on giving hunters the tools they need for success. It is absolutely impossible to pick just 10. Wait till you see what is coming to a sporting goods and proshop near you. 2017 will be hard to beat!

God Bless their Success, Mary Roberts

Girls Guns and Rods Magazine- Featured article about TC Pro Staff Shelly Kruger

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Whitetail Buck By Shelly Kruger
At 502yards

As a kid, hunting wasn’t a part of my life. It wasn’t something my family did as sport. I grew up on a small Charolais ranch in Northern Alberta, Canada,and hunting was something my father did every couple of years, just to fill the freezer. He would set out at first light onto the back forty, and return within an hour or so with a doe strictly for meat. Being a farm kid, butchering was something I had always loved helping with. The sight of skinning and cleaning an animal, never bothered me. Hunting, however, was an ongoing curiosity.
Fast forward to my teenage years when I met my high school boyfriend and now husband, Chris. Here was this amazing outdoor guy who loved to hunt. I too was an outdoor fanatic so it should have been a match made in heaven right? Wrong! At about age 13, I developed a rare fear of all firearms. For absolutely no reason, I was so scared of guns that I had a hard time being in the same room as a gun cabinet! Where did this come from? To this day, I have no idea.
In our relationship, hunting was something Chris did on his own. He would return with incredible stories of his adventures, experiences, close calls with nature at first hand. I always felt an underlying passion, and curiosity but always had a fear stopping me from exploring the unknown. One fall day, a week before rifle season opened here in Northern Alberta, Chris came home with a surprise for me, my first rifle. A gun of my very own! Aside from my fear, I secretly took pride in owning my very own firearm. He said, “I can see your interest. You need to overcome this fear of yours. I am going to teach you how to shoot.” Thankful and scared I thought, “What have I got to lose?”
I went along to the shooting range, and that is where I took the first shot to the rest of my life. I sat breathing until I stopped shaking. In my scope, I could see the target moving with ever shiver. I went to take my first shot, with Chris’ close instruction and I shut my eyes and flinched. Laughing, Chris told me to take a few breaths and calm down. I actually felt ready! Slow breath in, long breath out, sight is steady … BOOM. The first shot into my future. Not only did I overcome by biggest fear, I hit the target!
“Sniper!” was what he called me. Continuing to shoot my gun at the range gave me the confidence to explore a whole new side of me. The fear was gone and I felt overcome with passion. A year later, after hours of practice, my Firearms course, and my Hunter Trainer Safety Course were complete, I finally felt ready to try for my first animal. Success as I tagged my first ever animal, a 5×5 white tail buck with Chris encouraging me at my side. “You can do this!” was the last thing I heard him whisper to me before I shot my first buck. Leave it to this amazing man to continuously talk me through any doubts I had. I knew we were not only husband and wife, we were a lifetime team!
Here we are, residing in Northern Alberta, living our dream with our two amazing kids, our 9 year old son Aiden, and our 6 year old daughter Alyssa, two up and coming hunters I might add. Only thirteen years ago, hunting wasn’t more than a fear of mine, a fear that I could not do it; too afraid of failure and too afraid of firearms. Who knew this would be my life-long passion? I am living proof that as a woman, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, regardless of your age.
Currently, Chris and I hunt professionally as a team here in Northern Alberta on our private land. We hunt strictly Alberta big game. We are blessed to sit on Pro- Staff for Element Outdoors, Trophy Chick Apparel,, X-Stream Outfitters, and Weapon Vision. Inspiring others, especially women and girls, to get into the outdoors and explore their passions is the reason I share my hunts publicly. To show others who may doubt themselves that they can do it! I want every woman and girl to experience the outdoors and to see what can be a true balance in life.
November 10th, 2014 and I still have three tags in my pocket … No luck so far this season. The Whitetail rut has begun and Chris and I have seen smaller bucks everywhere. Years of studying the Whitetail species, I can say first hand that I manage the deer herds in and around our area. I let the little ones grow and to breed and spread their amazing genetics to the next generation of deer. I hunt hard for the big old boys, who generally will not make it through our harsh winters. This allows
the younger deer potential to grow and less suffering for the older deer I tag, who usually have lost their teeth. Herd management is everything to me.
This season I was feeling pretty unlucky as I still carried every single tag I bought in my pockets. It’s the Remembrance Day long weekend, November 11, 2014 and I knew this would be one of my only chances to hunt hard during the Whitetail rut. Having two young children, one very competitive in hockey, the other busy with our horses, a full time day job as a school Wellness Coach, a husband coaching minor hockey, being able to team hunt has been difficult but we finally had a scheduled “hunting date” for November 11th.
Brand new camo had arrived just the day before from Element Outdoors. We could not wait to try out our new Covert patterned camo with the freshly fallen Alberta snow. I wasn’t able to go out in the morning of November 11th, but Chris went out and came back with bad news, no potential bucks spotted. I’m not going to lie, my heart sank. Would this be the season that I would not tag a Whitetail?
I have been known to bring good luck according to Chris, so I kept my hopes up all day. The temperature in Northern Alberta took a massive drop and hit a very cold 25C plus the wind chill. Battling this kind of weather, we knew we had to prepare for the cold. We layered camo over camo and finally our new Covert patter on top to match the snow and brush colors perfectly.
Finally, the hunt was on!
Spotting doe after doe in almost every hunting spot we had yet to see any horn. Could there be a chance that ALL the bucks were either killed from last year’s harsh winter, or shot by hunters? NO, that was me over reacting and panicking. Get real Shelly, focus and watch for bucks.
“There’s a nice one!” was a phrase I waited all season for. A phrase that could skip your heart two or three beats. Glancing into the field through my binoculars, I frantically searched for horns. Doe, doe, doe, fawn, doe, doe and finally, a buck. A nice buck! He stood so proud in the center of the field, acting as if he was their king. He would stick his chest out proudly, to show his dominance and chase from doe to doe. The rut was clearly in full swing. Chris and I looked at each other and said at the very same time, “Let’s go get him.”
Moving in on him to get a better view of his horns was going to be tricky. We had to battle weather, distance, and a lot of scattered deer. We stalked in through snow, and cold wind conditions for about 28 minutes before we came to the edge of our cover. There were Whitetails across the field! All does, and he that stood so proud, walking two steps, and looking towards the does, chasing a new doe, and distracted by another. Clearly this boy had it made! I felt disheartened as we tested the wind direction and it blew directly at the buck we were
spotting. We were across a field away, how would we get closer? I ranged him, 502 yards! A moment of panic came over me, that is a far shot to make! My farthest kill shot to date was 422 yards. What if I miss? We had to get in closer, but how? We are standing in cover on the edge of a massive field. Any move we make can blow the entire hunt. Any move and he could easily pick up our human scent and be gone forever. There were does to the left and right of us that could also bust our move. The only way to save this hunt, was to attempt a long range clean shot.
Here we go again with my doubts, could I do it? Could I hit a target that far away? What if I missed or worse, wounded him? These questions raced through my head like a roller coaster and finally I decided YES, I can do this. Pulling off a shot like this, I knew I needed top notch equipment to assist with this long range shot. I ranged the buck again, still 502 yards. I opted to use Chris’ 300 ultra and his amazing Schmidt & Bender “Police Marksmen 2 ̋ scope to successfully end this hunt. I set up on a tree, for better stability. We used the “I SNIPE” app on the iPhone to detect where I needed to aim in the scope to hit the deer perfectly. This modern technology is new to me, but I have seen Chris shoot up to 1000 yards before with this scope and successfully hit his target. After all, this is the same scope the snipers use, and somehow I gained my confidence back. My heart pounded so hard I felt like I might throw my sight off the deer completely. But as I inhaled my last breath before I shot, I had a sense of still, calming, relaxation fall over my body. BOOM! The buck walked forward. Did I miss? I knew and have always been taught that if the animal walks, put another shot in him to avoid injury or a miss. BOOM, second shot and I see his body sway, and down he went, nose first. Success!
A few jumps into the air, and 5 or 6 high-fives later, I realized I just made a shot of a lifetime, 502 yards! That is unheard of for so many hunters. Tears filled my eyes as I accomplished another life-long goal, a long range clean kill. I felt like a sniper. I was so happy with myself. I chose to shoot with the scope and attempt this new challenge of mine. I did it, and didn’t allow the fear or doubt to take over as it had for so many years of my life.
Holding his horns in my hands, I felt like I ran a marathon and won first place. I successfully hunted a beautiful Whitetail buck, at 502 yards. Wow, now anything is possible! Where will my next challenge take me? Better yet, how much farther can I successfully shoot? With each challenge we take, a new door opens of endless opportunities. I love my 2014 buck, he has character. He is an unforgettable experience and a fear I overcame once again, that continues to allow me to grow as a huntress. I could not be more proud to call him mine. This was truly a hunt I will never forget.

Allergies & Deer Hunting- TC Pro Staffer Kami Cooper

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Allegies & Deer Hunting

I thought he was joking until it actually happened!  I was sitting in one of my favorite spots waiting for the buck I’d been hunting for a couple of weeks.  I was quickly running out of shooting light, but wasn’t going to leave until the last possible moment.  Suddenly, my eyes started to water, I started getting stopped up and I felt a sneeze coming on (which I luckily suppressed).  Something had sent my allergies into overdrive!   Just a few minutes after my head went crazy, I heard it…..he grunted! I could not believe it!  My buck was up wind from me, just out of sight and all I could do was laugh.   My allergist told me this could happen, but I didn’t think he was serious.  He also told me that it is a common allergy, but most people aren’t around deer and never realize deer will affect them.  It took several encounters with deer before realizing that the deer dander was causing my allergic reactions.  The worst was when I went to pick up a friend’s deer mount.  I thought at the time that there must have been something that the taxidermist used that caused me to have such a hard time breathing, but I guess the hide wasn’t as dry as I imagined a mounted deer’s hide would be.  We had to stop several times on the hour and a half trip for me to get out of the truck and get fresh air; I couldn’t wait to get that deer out of my lap and onto my friend’s wall!  

When I hunt, I make sure that first and foremost I take my daily allergy medication and I keep Benadryl in my hunting pack at all times.  It’s very rare that I have a reaction while in the stand, but after that first occurrence I pay even more attention to my surroundings if I do.  When I do kill a deer, I am going to get in photos with that deer!  I know the consequences and prepare by taking my Benadryl, take the photos quickly and take a shower as soon as possible.  I am unable to help skin a deer because of all the hair flying around, and most the time I need to be completely away from the area where it’s being skinned.   This is the biggest area of contention for me.  So many people, when they hear I’m allergic, immediately say “That’s just an excuse so you don’t have to help clean the deer!”  I have no problem with skinning and gutting; the blood and guts do not in any way “gross me out”.  We process our own meat and as soon as the skin is off I’m right there beside my Mountain taking care of business.  Hunting is our lifestyle!  I have not and will not let a little inconvenience like an allergy keep me from doing what I love! 

I will gladly take allergy medicine to be able to enjoy my Passion for hunting. Remember ladies even though life sometimes throws you obstacles, don’t let it keep you from trying the things in life you truly want to experience. It just may be the best experience of your life. 


Kami Cooper

TC Pro Staff- Colleen Richardson’s Conservation Passions

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Some of my Conservation Passions
Mule Deer Foundation
I was recently selected to be the Mule Deer Foundation Tri-County Chapter Chair which covers Dona Ana and Otero Counties of New Mexico and El Paso county of Texas. Covering three counties in two states will be a fun and rewarding challenge to get sportsmen and women involved with the mission of preserving mule deer habitat. We held our 2nd annual banquet in February with over 135 guests! The plans are in the works for next year’s banquet with a goal of 160 attendees. The best part of doing a fundraising banquet like this with the Mule Deer foundation is that a percentage of what we raised stays with the chapter to support habitat improvement projects such as water sources for mule deer and other wildlife in the area. the guests who attend our banquet can rest assured that a portion of their donation stay with the community! I was fortunate enough to see one of the projects take place at the Adams Ranch in west Texas which boarders Big Bend State Park. Several MDF chapters were represented with volunteers, and other organizations such as Texas Big Horn Society, Borderlands Research Institute for Natural Resource Management, Dallas Safari Club and Texas Parks and Wildlife contributed time and labor to the project. This is the very first permanent water guzzler installed by MDF in the state of TX. the second guzzler will be installed on the same ranch later this fall. I have traveled to the Midland and Pecos County Chapter banquets to meet with fellow chapter chairs and volunteers to learn what works for them to engage sportsmen and women in their respective communities and how to make out chapter more successful. getting to meet Mr. Deer himself, Larry Weishuhn, was a honor. He is a very humble and appreciative man of volunteers who are working hard for wildlife and habitat conservation. Was very nice to hear someone of that caliber and experience thank ME for the work I do for sportsmen and women.
New Mexico Wildlife Federation
I have been on the board of Directors now for over a year and am the youngest and the only woman on the board. I am glad to represent the younger generation of conservationists and women who are increasingly getting involved with outdoor activities. our board is composed of several sportsmen from across the state and help to support the NMWF mission of working to ensure the future of wildlife, their habitats and hunters rights to land and hunting/fishing opportunities continues. The federation was founded by Aldo Leopold in 1914 and as our centennial gets underway, plans for our annual banquet honoring Mr. Leopold and his work is scheduled to take place August 16th in Albuquerque, NM. I am enthusiastic working with this group to be the voice for a younger generation and promote wildlife conservation in a scientific manner including the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.
–Colleen Richardson
colleens cous buck

TC Pro Staff Shelly Kruger– You can’t hunt, your a Girl Blog

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You Can’t Hunt, Your a Girl!

By: Shelly Kruger

Canada’s Trophy Chick

“You can’t hunt, you’re a girl!” was a phrase I had heard more than once as I began to take interest in the outdoors and wildlife. Many men would look at me with a smirk and laughed as I was finally brave enough to voice my dream of becoming a woman hunter.  Luckily, I had a husband who stood beside me and would tell me over and over again, “YOU CAN DO THIS!” Without him, I may have caved into the stereo typical  image others had of me. 

Following my dreams, guidance and encouragement from my husband, I became a successful “hunter” as I tagged my first ever buck! From there, my confidence built and I began to take so much pride and respect for wildlife and the species I was hunting. My focus and reason shifted from “proving people wrong and challenging myself” to “a personal love and passion.” I studied hard and learned how to do things like, pattern the herd, pick out the older bucks or bulls who will die of old age, let the young ones grow, and I grew more fascinated. I changed the way I hunted and my respect for the animals only increased as I learned how they live, their behaviors, and their respect for one another. A few seasons later, I tagged my biggest whitetail buck ever. This guy scored 173 and was a perfect typical 6×6! Sharing the photo with the public and social media completely changed my life as a hunter. I could not believe how many hunters praised me as a woman for hunting such a beautiful animal. I was blown away with the congratulations, and nice buck comments. More importantly, it touched my heart as women reached out to me and told me how inspired they were.  A trigger went off as I realized fulfilling my own challenges of becoming a woman hunting was inspiring others to do the same. This was a brand new passion of mine I had no idea I had. From there, I began filming and working in TV to bring my hunts public in hopes of inspiring more and more woman and youth girls.

Along my exciting path in the public hunting industry, I met a woman who touched my life in such a special way, Mary Roberts. She continued to support me with every hunt I went on, successful or not. She would encourage me, and make me feel so special and we shared this hunting passion together. She also owned an incredible woman’s apparel company! Her clothes were so beautiful and they represented women in and out of the field! My love for her products and her heartfelt message to all women hunters captured my interest even more. I believed and worked hard to inspire women the same way she does! Our friendship grew, and we decided that together we can inspire even more women North American wide. She decided to promote her gorgeous clothing company and her strong mission statement to women into Canada. From there, she named me “Canada’s Trophy Chick” being the only Trophy chick Pro-Staff in Canada! Honored to be a part of this company doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings of representing this company.  Mary’s Pro-Staff team has grown into a group of incredibly skilled women hunters that all share the same passion and love for the outdoors. Together, we all work hard to support each other through the good days and bad in and out of the field. This team and company is so much more than just gorgeous product. The underlying purpose of Trophy Chick Apparel will forever touch my heart and I am so thankful it has been a part of my life. I feel like I have grown into a more educated, supportive, loving person because of it. Thank you Mary Roberts and my entire Trophy Chick team for all of your continued support and love for a Canadian woman hunter!

Check out our website at

Help me show some Canadian support for women hunters and make your purchase today.